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Is Falafel Healthy?

广州光纳文化传媒明星经纪有限公司 This classic dish is loaded with fiber- and protein-packed chickpeas, but is it good for you?


How to Add Protein to Smoothies Without Protein Powder

You can use whole foods to get the same filling result.


Easy Ways to Make Frozen and Packaged Food Healthier

广州光纳文化传媒明星经纪有限公司 Frozen pizza night, anyone?

How to Do the Keto Diet If You Can't (or Don't) Eat Meat

广州光纳文化传媒明星经纪有限公司 It's possible to stick to the keto diet even if grass-fed meat isn't an option for you.

How to Grocery Shop Safely During the Pandemic

Experts share how to keep yourself safe before, during and after those necessary grocery-store runs.

Is It Safe to Eat Leftover Rice?

广州光纳文化传媒明星经纪有限公司 Yes, if you follow a few simple guidelines.

The Best At-Home Workouts to Get Your Body Moving

广州光纳文化传媒明星经纪有限公司 No matter how you like to exercise, these workouts will help you stay healthy and in shape at home.

How Safe Is It To Order Takeout Right Now?

广州光纳文化传媒明星经纪有限公司 Here are steps you can take to feel more comfortable ordering in.

How to Sanitize Your Kitchen In Two Easy Steps

Cleaning your kitchen is about more than wiping down your counters.

Healthy Recipes You Can Make From Your Pantry Right Now

广州光纳文化传媒明星经纪有限公司 We're willing to bet you have most of these ingredients in your kitchen at this very moment.

Is Bar Soap or Liquid Soap Better for Hand Washing?

广州光纳文化传媒明星经纪有限公司 We take a dive into all questions you're asking yourself when you get to soap aisle.

How Long Do Canned Beans Last?

广州光纳文化传媒明星经纪有限公司 An opened can of beans might not last as long as you think.

How to Safely Freeze Leftovers to Make the Most of Your Meals

广州光纳文化传媒明星经纪有限公司 Everything you need to know about freezing your big batch dishes.

3 Myths About Washing Fruits and Veggies — and How to Do it Right

广州光纳文化传媒明星经纪有限公司 Here's what you need to know about cleaning your produce.

How to Use Hand Sanitizer

The do's and don'ts of using hand sanitizer to ward off germs.

The Right Way to Clean Your Cell Phone

How often should you be cleaning your device, anyway?

Does Elderberry Syrup Actually Help Fight Colds?

广州光纳文化传媒明星经纪有限公司 Here's the sweet spot on this supplement.

Your Air Fryer Could Be the Secret to Eating Healthier

This low- to no-oil cooking method makes healthful meals a breeze.

Is It Safe to Leave Butter on the Counter?

广州光纳文化传媒明星经纪有限公司 Here's what to know if you want to soften your butter on the counter.

9 Hidden Sources of Gluten You Definitely Need to Know About

广州光纳文化传媒明星经纪有限公司 Double-check these labels before adding them to your cart.

The Right Way to Wash Your Hands

It might seem surprising, but many people don't wash their hands when they should — and if they do, they don't do it the right way …

This Is the Right Internal Temperature for Cooked Chicken

广州光纳文化传媒明星经纪有限公司 We break down how to cook chicken to the correct temperature every time.

Ellie Krieger's Healthy Scrambled Egg Hack Is Life-Changing

广州光纳文化传媒明星经纪有限公司 You'll never look at egg whites the same way again.

This Is the Only No-Fail Way to Tell If an Egg Is Bad

广州光纳文化传媒明星经纪有限公司 Because who knows how long it's been in the fridge?

This Is the Healthiest Way to Cook Eggs

Make your go-to breakfast food even better for you.

Do Aphrodisiacs Really Work?

广州光纳文化传媒明星经纪有限公司 We find out out if it's possible to eat your way to better romance.

Rotisserie Chicken Is the $4 Dinner Hack We All Need

广州光纳文化传媒明星经纪有限公司 It's the money- and time-saving secret to simpler weeknight meals.